By purchasing your Hypnobubs® online course through South East Hypnobirthing’s website will assign Jemma as your Hypnobirthing Australia™practitioner.  On completion of the course you have the option of upgrading to a 90 minute private session for an additional $150.

Hypnobubs® Hypnobirthing Online Course
Can’t make it to hypnobirthing classes? No worries; we have a FANTASTIC online option available for you and parents throughout Australia and the world are RAVING about it’s effectiveness! Our online hypnobirthing course option is the next best thing to attending face-to- face classes.
Hypnobubs® Hypnobirthing Value Package Online Course
Have peace of mind knowing that you have your preparation covered either way. This package includes the Hypnobubs® Hypnobirthing Online Course PLUS the Change of Circumstances Course.
Hypnobubs® Change of Circumstances Online Course
If you have already completed a hypnobirthing course and now require a c-section for the safe arrival of your baby – then this course is made especially for you!This course provides you with additional resources and training to build on your knowledge, tools, support and a positive mindset that you already have for a calm and positive cesarean birth.
Hypnobus® Hypnobirthing Premium Package
Premium Package: Hypnobub® Hypnobirthing Online Course, Change of Circumstances Course + 90 MINUTE Private Session. In addition to the full Hypnobubs® Hypnobirthing Online course you receive a 90 minute Private Skype session with a Certified Practitioner who will walk you through any areas that require further clarification and address any fears and reservations that you may have.
Extra Resource Bundle (Bundle Download)
This bundle has been especially designed to complement the resources that are already included in the Hypnobirthing Australia™ course. The following mp3 albums are included:
  • Prompts for Birthing (mp3)
  • Glove of Endorphins (mp3)
  • Fear Release (mp3)
  • Breastfeeding and Bonding with Baby (mp3’s)
  • Extra Resource Bundle eBook
Hypnobubs® Positive Cesarean Birth Online Course
Your state of mind, birthing preferences, support and mindset can all make a tremendous difference to your birthing experience. Make your birth one that you will want to remember for the rest of your life by preparing yourself well, removing fear and approaching birth in a calm and very positive way.
Hypnobubs® Positive Cesarean Birth Confidence +Package
Confidence+ Package: Hypnobubs™ Positive Cesarean Birth Course + 90 MINUTE Private Session + Bonus albums. To give you the edge in your preparation, this package includes the Hypnobubs® Positive Cesarean Birth Course, a 90 minute Private Skype session with a Certified Hypnobubs® Caesarean Trained Practitioner, PLUS – you get some bonus albums for after birth.
Fear Release (MP3 Download)
If you are holding fears leading up to your birth – then THIS is the album for you! Fear Release, is a deep self-hypnosis mp3 long-play track. Use it at a time when you can completely relax and let go of any of those fears and reservations that could be holding you back from experiencing the joyful birth you deserve.
Prompts for Birthing (MP3 Download)
A professionally guided self-hypnosis album, especially designed for use during childbirth. This album is designed to induce very deep relaxation as you labour and birth. It uses deep, slow, specific prompts and we are receiving RAVE reviews from mums who have used this album during their labour.
Cesarean Birth- Calm and Relaxed (MP3 Download)
‘Cesarean Birth – Calm and Relaxed’ helps to prepare your mind & body for a calm and positive cesarean birth, using hypnobirthing techniques of relaxation, breathing, visualisation & self-hypnosis.