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*COVID-19* As per the DHHS Roadmap to Recovery, face to face classes in a group setting will resume once we are at the last step and COVID normal. Face to face classes are expected to resume in February 2021. If we are not at COVID normal then they will remain via live video conferencing, brought to you in the comfort and safety of you own home with all class material and extra resources delivered to your door.
Hypnobirthing Australia™ Childbirth Education Classes in Narre Warren, Melbourne.

Hi my name is Jemma, Registered Midwife, AWARD WINNING Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner and Hypnobirthing Mother.

Hypnobirthing Australia’s™ Positive Birth Program is an inclusive, comprehensive and evidence-based childbirth education course designed for mothers and their support partners birthing in Australia.

During your childbirth classes and by utilising my knowledge and experience as a Midwife, you will learn about the physiology of childbirth and how fear can affect it’s progress, the stages of labour and what to expect at each point.

You will also be equipped with Hypnobirthing  Australia’s™ tools and techniques which will help you to stay calm and relaxed during the birth of your baby. The tools taught can be used during pregnancy, birth and beyond and include specific breathing and relaxation techniques, massage, movement, visualisations, affirmations and so much more! The tools are flexible and adaptable so they can be used if you have a normal, instrumental, or a caesarean section birth; no pain relief, a little bit or an epidural. Hypnobirthing can even be used if special circumstances were to arise such as an induction of labour.

Your birth partner takes on a central role during your classes and will leave feeling confident in their role as support person to you. Together you will focus on and learn how to work towards a positive birth experience. After all the day you birth your baby will stay with you for the rest of your life. That’s why it is important to do everything in your power to achieve a positive and empowering birth experience.

You will receive a certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ booklet and a download voucher to your Hypnobirthing Australia™ tracks which includes; two self-hypnosis tracks, an affirmations track, relaxation music and the ‘little book of hypnobirthing’ e-book. You will also gain access to Hypnobirthing Australia’s™ online learning platform where you will find printable downloads, meditation tracks, bonus birth videos, extra reading and research links and a practice birth rehearsal (also accessible on your mobile phone).

Jemma will provide you with ongoing hypnobirthing support up to the time you birth your baby, and you will have the opportunity to join South East Hypnobirthing’s closed facebook group so you can ask your all important questions in a safe space.


Benefits of Hypnobirthing

  • Provide you with the knowledge and tools for a calm, gentle and positive birth
  • Believe in your own natural ability to birth your baby
  • Release fears that may arise surrounding your pregnancy, labour and birth
  • The techniques taught work effectively with any birth be it normal, instrumental or a caesarean section birth
  • You’ll learn the techniques once for this birth, but then you can use them again for subsequent births
  • You can use the techniques to help calm and relax yourself at any stage in your life
  • Babies born using hypnobirthing tend to be calmer as they are gently birthed into the world.
  • And for the birthing partner they become a central part of the birthing process, helping you to stay calm and focussed on the tools and techniques you’ve been taught.

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